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"Thanks and Giving"

To each one of you, best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday! Let us contemplate "thanks" and "giving". Thanks for our families, our friends and colleagues. Thanks for our Oakland community and thanks for the vision and strength provided by organizations like our own League of Women Voters. As for "giving", that too is important. We have much to give as we share our holiday table and ourselves with family and friends. Many of us are also making an extra effort to share a table with those who have no home or family with which to share food and companionship. Participating in this kind of giving of oneself to others is a particularly meaningful way to give to our larger community. Thank you. But I would also like to speak to another type of giving... and that giving is reflected in our League policies and principles, reflecting our mission and the tenets upon which our work rests in our towns, cities, states, and nation. These policies and principles give us a strong and solid base from which to join with others to make our democracy work more effectively and equitably.

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