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City of Oakland and Sanctuary Status

What does it mean for Oakland to be a sanctuary city and a sanctuary school district? How are immigrants, undocumented and undocumented, faring in Oakland?
The LWV supports cities, towns, counties and states that make a decision not to cooperate with federal deportation and enforcement actions that include non-criminal undocumented immigrants. Read the LWV statement on immigration here.

LWVO held a Speaker Series at Oakland City Hall where we heard more about what it means to be a sanctuary city.
Speakers included:

  • Catherine Tactaquin, Executive Director and Co-founder, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
  • Maria Bee, Special Counsel, Oakland City Attorney's Office
  • Pamela Drake, California Sanctuary Campaign
  • Darwin BondGraham, East Bay Express. See Darwin's most recent article on OPD's signing of a joint task force agreement with ICE in January 2017 and the criticism that has followed.

    The City of Oakland and Oakland Public Schools have declared themselves sanctuaries. At our Speaker Series event recently, our guests described the meaning of sanctuary and concerns we face since Donald Trump issued his executive order for federal immigration agents to detain and deport many undocumented individuals accused of any criminal offense.
    At our subsequent Hot Topics discussion, we explored further the steps being taken by the city, the school district, and Oakland residents to keep people safe and confident that they will be safe.

    Need Information About the OUSD Acting as a Sanctuary School District?
    The sanctuary status information is located on the OUSD's Home page; where visitors are guided to a short YouTube video, in all the different languages spoken in the district. The District refers to other resources translated into Spanish, Mandarin Vietnamese and other languages. The topics included in the District's Sanctuary links include:
  • FAQs and Resources
  • Sanctuary District Resolution
  • Statement of Support
    For more information visit: