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Human Sex Trafficking

We heard the following panel at our September Program provide information on measures and other efforts in the public policy arena to prevent human sex trafficking in our city. Who are the at-risk populations? What are the statistics on prosecution and penalization of traffickers and abusers? What type of essential services for victims is Oakland providing?
Human Sex Trafficking Program
Our panel included:

--Jennifer Madden, Alameda Co Assistant District Attorney
--Sgt. Holly Joshi of the Oakland Police Department
--Adela Rodarte, Transition Age Youth Services Coordinator at West Coast Children's Clinic
--Genice Jacobs, anti-trafficking activist and consultant, whose website can be found here

How are the Oakland school district, Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils (NCPCs), and local law enforcement working on solutions to address the problem? Who are the community based organizations working on this issue, what resources are out there, & how can we support their efforts?

Our follow-up Hot Topic discussion was supported by resource experts Falilah Bilal, Executive Director of MISSSEY and Nkauj Iab Yang, Program Manager at Banteay Srei.

For the League of Women Voters's position on Human Trafficking, click here.

For more information from Nancy O'Malley, Alameda County District Attorney on her office's H.E.A.T. Watch (Stop Human Exploitation and Trafficking) web page, click here.

For some statistics on children at risk, compiled by the office of Nancy O'Malley, Alameda County District Attorney, click here.

Read an 8/31/15 article on SFGATE about San Francisco's efforts to document the scope of human trafficking.

Read an 8/21/15 article on the Washington Post about the punishment and over-incarceration of girls suffering sexual abuse.

For a short video clip, "Bought & Sold: Sexually Exploited Children on the Streets of Oakland," click here.