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How to Contact Us

Telephone: 510-834-7640   Fax: 510-834-7640

Mail: League of Women Voters of Oakland
436 14th Street, Suite 1213
Oakland, CA 94612-2723

Email: [email the League] (general info/questions)

Or contact one of the people below:

President (Board-Exec) Louise Rothman-Riemer [send email]
VP - Voter Service (Board-Exec) Deborah Shefler [send email]
VP - Speaker Series (Board-Exec) Ernestine Nettles [send email]
VP - Action (Board-Exec) Mary Bergan [send email]
VP - Administration (Board-Exec) Jane Klein [send email]
Secretary (Board) Annmarie Hallin [send email]
Treasurer (Board) Amy Lyons [send email]
Development Bonnie Hamlin and Katherine Gavzy [send email]
Membership (Board) Phyllis White Ayanruoh [send email]
Nominating Committee Katherine Gavzy [send email]
InterLeague Representative (Board) Judi Bank [send email]
Office Coordinator Bonnie Hamlin [send email]
At Large 1 (Board) Dawna Williams [send email]
At Large 2 (Board) Louise Anderson [send email]
At Large 4 (Board) Madeleine Nelson [send email]
Communications (Board) Kathleen Cha [send email]
Social Media Erin Burns [send email]
Webmaster (Board) Eleni Hub [send email]
Videos Eleni Hub [send email]
MDW Award Bonnie Hamlin and Katherine Gavzy [send email]
Grants Madeleine Nelson, Dawna Williams, Mony Bauer, Deborah Shefler, Louise Rothman-Riemer [send email]
Pros and Cons: Speakers Allene Warren [send email]
Pros and Cons: Planning Helen Neville [send email]
Redistricting Mary Bergan [send email]
LWVC Helen Hutchison [send email]
MTA Lianne Campodonico [send email]
Money In Politics Katherine Gavzy [send email]
Voter Registration (Board) Sandy Venning [send email]
Election Calendar Helen Hutchinson [send email]
VOTER Mailing Nancy Auker [send email]
VOTER Consult Sandy Venning [send email]
VOTER Editor TBD [send email]
Registration Boxes Pete Bank [send email]

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Other League Organizations

Our Oakland League is one of seven local Leagues in Alameda County. The others are:

Our members are also members of:

See other Leagues in California and other state leagues.

Online Resources

All League resources are online in these days. Consider bookmarking these for your convenience.

LWVO Public calendar, positions, VOTER, Who Represents Oakland, Contact Info, links to other League Web sites. For Board records, forms, other
LWV Bay Area VOTER, Monitor (bimonthly review of regional issues), Decision Makers (directory of regional agencies), positions, action, a document library.
Bay Area Monitor Published for over 30 years as a project of the League of Women Voters of the Bay Area Education Fund, the Bay Area Monitor provides coverage of transportation, air quality, water quality, open space, and land use issues in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.
LWV California Issues (including Positions), State issues for emphasis, League stands on propositions. Contact info for other Leagues in the state, info about conventions, councils, and workshops. Sign up for newsletters.
LWV California Ed Fund Pros & Cons, In Depth info about state ballot measures, Register to Vote Info, About Voting in California, Education Fund projects, links to Smart Voter and Easy Voter Guides
Smart Voter All about every election: candidates, ballot measures, polling places. Info you need to decide how to vote
Easy Voter The Easy Voter Guide: order or print PDF, Fast Facts handouts, and more about registering and voting
LWV US Action alerts and issues for emphasis, news releases, Storybank, League history, Contact Info for other Leagues around the country, shop for League items, signup for LeaguE-Voice, e-Activist