Making Democracy Work

LWVO Committees

Action Committee

This committee usually meets the first Tuesday of every month at 3:00pm at Chair's house.
Helen Hutchinson, Chair         
Louise Anderson, Resource Person
Louise Rothman-Riemer
Mary Bergan
Sandy Threlfall
Allene Warren
Deborah Shefler
Gen Katz

Communications: PR, Social Media, Website

This committee usually has a conference call every Wednesday.
Kathleen Cha Chair
Erin Burns Consultant, Social Media
Eleni Hub Webmaster
Erin Burns Social Media
Renea Leathers VOTER Editor
Bonnie Hamlin Resource Person
Louise Rothman-Riemer Resource Person

Development Committee

This committee meets the first Monday of each month from 6pm - 8pm.
Lori Lieneke, Co-Chair
Bonnie Hamlin
Kathryn Moir
Louise Rothman-Riemer
Dawna Williams
Rosalee Schubert
Amy Lyons
Carolyn De Vol
Judi Bank
Lorraine Force
Mary MacDonald
Lori Lieneke
Pat Monson
Sue Veit

Education Committee

This committee usually meets the third Monday of the month at 10am.
Yolanda Schonbrun, Chair
Emma Roos
Allene Warren
Yolanda Schonbrun
Diane Lewis

Membership Committee

This committee usually meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm.
Phyllis White-Ayanruoh, Chair
Annmarie Hallin
Kathleen Cha
Madeleine Nelson
Bonnie Hamlin
Katherine Gavzy
Meg Bowerman
Louise Rothman-Riemer

Office Volunteers

Bonnie Hamlin, Office Volunteer Coordinator

Voter Service Committee

This committee meets as needed.
Deborah Shefler VP
Stephen Shefler Coordinator
Judy Merrill VP Emeritus
Louise Anderson Candidate Forums, EVG Distribution
Mary Weinstein Candidate Forums (onsite coordinator)
Joey Hansell Candidate Forums (forum assistants)
Allene Warren Speakers Bureau (Contacts)
Helen Neville Speakers Bureau (Training and Assignments)
Kathleen Cha Pro-Con Videos
Bonnie Hamlin Voter's Edge

Nominating Committee

This committee meets as needed.
Helen Neville, Chair
Judi Bank
Phyllis White-Ayanruoh
Bonnie Hamlin
Mony Flores Bauer

Program Committee

This committee meets as needed.
Ernestine Nettles, Chair
Jane Klein

Budget Committee

This committee meets between December and March.
Amy Lyons, Chair
Louise Rothman-Riemer
Davis Riemer

Civic Engagement Committee

Louise Rothman-Riemer, Chair
Sandy Venning