Making Democracy Work

LWVO Action Committee 2016-17

Local Issues Followed

The Action Committee tracked several Oakland/East Bay issues this year, including (in no particular order):
  • Oakland Police Commission
    LWVO is reviewing a draft of the ordinance to set out the rules and regulations for the commission, as Measure LL included only the establishment of a charter for the commission. LWVO may recommend action.

  • Gun Control
    The City Council has given first reading approval to three ordinances to attempt to curb gun violence in Oakland. A fourth measure will be considered, as well. LWVO supports the regulation of firearms for consumer safety.

  • Affordable Housing
    The City Council and the mayor continue to explore ways to expand affordable housing for Oakland residents. LWVO is monitoring the details, including inclusive zoning, funding, and impact fees.

  • Records Management
    LWVO continues to push for a policy and a system to which the city and city workers are committed. We are renewing our efforts to get a records management policy implemented.

  • Education and training for commissions and oversight committees LWVO should be a resource to encourage and help Oakland residents to serve on the many boards, commissions, and oversight committees for the city and the school district. We are preparing a directory of these along with guides on how to become members and how to be effective in the roles. These will be posted on the LWVO website. We will also schedule sessions designed to give people information and to build confidence in folks that aren't sure of their own talents.

  • BCDC Enforcement Actions re: Scott's Pavilion LWVO will send a letter urging the Bay Conservation and Development Commission to take strong action in response to Scott's failure to get permits for the expansion of its Pavilion and its blocking public access to the waterfront.

  • School Board Transparency and Procedures The school board has a poor record of following regular meeting schedules and sharing information. LWVO sent a letter to former Superintendent Wilson outlining our concerns about this some months ago, but received no response. In addition, the district is facing an unanticipated deficit. Since the Alameda County Office of Education is supposed to provide oversight and warn of problems in a timely manner, we are seeking information from them about their own procedures and whether they had issued any warnings to OUSD.