Making Democracy Work

Action 2015

Local Issues Followed

The Action Committee tracked several Oakland/East Bay issues this year, including (in no particular order):
  • Oakland Police Commission
    A coalition is proposing establishing this commission by adding a city initiative on the November ballot. Goal is to increase authority over police policies and practices.

  • Gun Control
    The City Council has given first reading approval to three ordinances to attempt to curb gun violence in Oakland. A fourth measure will be considered, as well. LWVO supports the regulation of firearms for consumer safety.

  • Beverage Tax
    The proposal to tax sugar-sweetened beverages is scheduled to have a first reading at the 5/3/16 City Council meeting. LWVO is in touch with Councilmember Campbell-Washington regarding the proposed text of this tax.

  • Affordable Housing
    The City Council and the mayor continue to explore ways to expand affordable housing for Oakland residents. LWVO is monitoring the details, including inclusive zoning, funding, and impact fees.

  • Increased funding for Libraries
    After meeting with the mayor, supporters for a funding proposal agreed to suspend their effort. The mayor promised to include language in her 2017-2019 budget proposal to cover the funding shortfall.

  • Records Management
    LWVO continues to push for a policy and a system to which the city and city workers are committed.
  • LWV Oakland Education Committee: Assessment of OUSD's Transparency and Communication

    In April, the League's Education Committee actively participated in community meetings and observed Oakland School Board meetings. The League then drafted a letter to OUSD Superintendent Antwan Wilson with its findings and recommendations concerning transparency and open meetings. At the League's April Board meeting, the Board approved sending the letter to Superintendent Wilson.

    See the letter here.

    LWVO Meets with Oakland City Administrator Sabrina Landreth

    Action Committee Chair Mary Bergan and President Louise Rothman-Riemer met with Oakland City Administrator Sabrina Landreth on October 12, 2015. The discussion revolved around records management, and the city's commitment to instituting a policy. The City Administrator will be working with the Public Ethics Commission as well as the City Clerk on this matter.

    LWVO Meets with Oakland City Council Member Annie Campbell Washington

    See Notes from our meeting with Council Member Campbell Washington here!