Making Democracy Work

2016 LWV Convention

A delegation from the LWVO attended the 2016 LWV Convention in Washington, D.C.

LWVO convention delegates (front) Louise Rothman-Riemer, Deborah Shefler, Mary Bergan, Bonnie Hamlin, Louise Anderson. (rear) Dawna Williams, Kathleen Cha, Ernestine Nettles. June 2016.

Convention Summary

At the LWVUS Convention, delegates:

  • Adopted the national program for 2016-2018, Campaign for Making Democracy Work, as proposed
  • Adopted a bylaws amendment that removed the citizenship requirement for League membership
  • Adopted a modified bylaws amendment that, instead of removing the age requirement for League membership as proposed, reduced the age requirement to 16 years old
  • Adopted the proposed LWVUS budget
  • Elected a new president and board of directors
  • Approved six resolutions: two on gun safety, one on statehood for the District of Columbia, and three on climate change

    In addition to the work of the convention, we heard from some excellent speakers, including our new leaders, Executive Director Wylecia Wiggs Harris and President Chris Carson. You can see videos of these here.

    Read more about the 2016 LWV Convention.

    LWVO and LWVC members with Senator Dianne Feinstein's staff