Making Democracy Work

Make Democracy Work

Who are we? We are the League of Women Voters, an organization of women and men who want to make a difference in the political future of our country. We are a diverse, non-partisan, political group with a long-standing tradition of educating voters.

Open to ALL! League Leadership Academy: Next Level Communications

Come join us on Saturday, February 18, for Storytelling and Messaging for Impact! Open to all!

Our trainer will be Sarah Diefendorf, who serves on the LWVC Board of Directors. She is also an International Capacity Building and Leadership trainer for the League of Women Voters of the United States.

Sponsored by the Oakland, Berkeley/Albany/Emeryville, Piedmont and Eden Area Leagues.

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Who Represents Oakland?

Want to know who represents you? Want to let your rep know something? Let LWVO help! See our updated listing of local and federal government reps here! tracks the United States Congress and helps Americans understand what is going on in their national legislature. Check it out!

Save the Date: LWVO 26th Annual All-City Luncheon!

LWVO's 26th Annual All-City Luncheon will be held on Wednesday April 19, 2017 at the Scottish Rite Center on Lake Merritt. See the luncheon flyer!

Click here to make a pledge to host a table at the luncheon!

Our guest speaker is Ari Berman, acclaimed author of Give Us the Ballot: the Modern Struggle for Voting RIghts in America. Watch Ari talk about voting rights here!

Congressman John Lewis called Mr. Berman's book "a must read" and "a primer for every American." He is a frequent guest and political commentator on MSNBC, NPR and C-Span. He has lectured extensively around the country, including at the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court.

Upcoming Speaker Series: Sanctuary Cities and School Districts

The LWV supports cities, towns, counties and states that make a decision not to cooperate with federal deportation and enforcement actions that include non-criminal undocumented immigrants. Read the LWV statement on immigration here.

Come to our Speaker Series on Wednesday, March 15 at Oakland City Hall to hear more about what it means to be a sanctuary city. See our calendar.

LWVOakland President's Blog, by Louise Rothman-Riemer

See our BlogLooking Back and Looking Forward: Expanding Democracy in the New Year

January, the month that is named after the Roman god, Janus, with one face looking back to the past and the other face out to the future. The League of Women Voters looks back on a past that has propelled us into being one of the leading organizations in the country dedicated to making democracy work. We draw strength and knowledge from our past allowing us to continue to meet the future and the challenges we will face.

Two very important challenges that the League faces are reflected in last year's National Convention mandates for action. One is to work on reinforcing and moving forward on the Voting Rights Act. The other is to help move this country forward on legislative district redistricting. Both of these issues are core to making our democracy work for everyone.

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Know Your Rights: Information from the National Immigration Law Center

Many of our members and the communities we serve have expressed uncertainty and worry about the future of our immigrant communities in Oakland.

The Oakland League has been part of many community conversations. We want to share with you valuable resources from our friends at the National Immigration Law Center. You can share these resources with students, parents, educators, friends and family who might have questions. Know Your Rights!
Thanks to the LWV Los Angeles!

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LWVO proudly joined the Women's March!