Making Democracy Work

Make Democracy Work

Who are we? We are the League of Women Voters, an organization of women and men who want to make a difference in the political future of our country. We are a diverse, non-partisan, political group with a long-standing tradition of educating voters.

2018 LWVO All-City Luncheon!

The LWVO cordially invites you to attend Our 27th Annual All-City Luncheon at the Scottish Rite Center, April 25, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. Our program is honoring Asian Pacific Environmental Network and Centro Legal de la Raza with the Making Democracy Work Award and this year's speaker is Sociologist, NY Times Bestselling author and National Book Award finalist, Arlie Russell Hochschild, author ofStrangers in Their Own Land.

Purchase Tickets Here!

Consider Pledging a Luncheon Table!
Your Luncheon Table Pledge will fund crucial election-year work, such as our Neighbor to Neighbor, Oakland Votes Informed campaign, Oakland Easy Voter Guide, and Pros and Cons videos to ensure Oakland voters have complete, concise information on the issues and ballot measures before voting. Our All-City Luncheon is our primary fundraiser and in 2018 we will have plenty of work on our hands. Join us in ensuring that Oakland Votes Informed by hosting a table at our All-City Luncheon.

Questions? Please contact LWVO Development Committee Chair Lori Lieneke at

Candidate Forums for the June 2018 Primary

LWVO co-hosted a Candidate Forum for CA Assembly District 15. Find all the info, including a Youtube video of the forum, here!

Upcoming Candidate Forums include:
  • Alameda County Board of Education, Trustee Area 1 (Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, and portions of Oakland that include North Oakland, Temescal, Rockridge, and the northern portion of West Oakland) on Friday, April 27. Co-sponsored with LWVBAE and National Coalition of 100 Black Women

  • Alameda County Controller-Auditor Candidates: Melissa Wilk and Irella Christina Blackwood
  • Alameda County Assessor Candidates: Kevin Lopez, Phong La, John Weed, and Jim Johnson
  • Alameda County District Attorney Candidates: Nancy O'Malley and Pamela Price
    On Thursday, May 3, from 7pm - 9pm. RSVP here! Co-sponsored with LWV Piedmont

  • District Attorney and Superior Court Judge #11 on Thursday, May 9. Co-sponsored with Alameda County Bar Association. RSVP here

    See our calendar for more information and tickets!
  • Be Informed: June 2018 Election Info!

    Check out the California State Easy Voter Guide here!

    Picture of ballot box with vote being castLWVC presents the Pros and Cons to June's state ballot measures, read them here.
    LWV Bay Area has a Pro and Con for the regional Ballot Measure 3, read it here!

    Finally, learn about the League's ballot measure recommendations for the upcoming election.

    Come to our Hot Topics on May 7 to discuss! A presentation and discussion about the state, regional, and local ballot measures on the June 5 ballot. The presentation will include a description of each measure and what the League recommends about it. See our calendar for details.

    "Birthright: A War Story" Appreciating Diversity Film Series

    Reproductive rights in the US--going, going, gone? Although we are all knowledgeable about the attack on reproductive justice, this film provides unexpected information and will be enlightening. "Birthright: A War Story" examines what has happened to women's reproductive rights in America since the historic Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 legalized abortion. Director Civia Tamarkin traces the strategy the anti-abortion movement has used to make reproductive choice unavailable, even if it is still legal: For over 40 years it has played the long game, working state by state to pass laws that chip away at women's reproductive healthcare options. The war story that "Birthright" traces is a war of attrition.
    See our calendar for details!

    LWVO Needs Help!

    LWVO is looking for members with some time and ability to help out. Among other things, we need Co-Chairs for three important committees. You can assist the League while you learn more about it by helping to direct or assist these valuable League services. Learn more about how to help!

    Observer Corps: Reporting In!

    Welcome to the Observer Corps Report, a NEW newsletter feature from the League of Women Voters of Oakland! (did you just pronounce it like the Colbert Report? Excellent :))

    The League of Women Voters Observer Corps attend public council, commission, and committee meetings and submit findings to the Action Committee, so they may develop informed advocacy positions and plan for direct action. Summaries from the previous month's report are now available to you as the Corps Report. This installment includes reports on: Alameda County Transportation Commission, Oakland Privacy Advisory Committee, Oakland Public Ethics Commission, Oakland Life Enrichment Committee, Oakland Police Commission.

    Follow the Corps Report and stay in the loop about local government activities that may affect or interest you! Read it here!

    Want to join the Observer Corps? Contact:

    LWVO Member Happy Hour!

    Join LWVO for Happy Hour at Arthur Mac's (just seconds from MacArthur BART station) on May 17. Come get to know your fellow League Members and what we are doing this election year! Look for our small table sign on the patio (inside in case of May showers). LWVO will host the hors d'oeuvres and snacks. No host for drinks. Come learn, laugh, and discuss! See our calendar for details.

    Proposition 13 Reform!

    Prop 13 reform The League of Women Voters of California is a key member of the coalition backing Schools & Communities First-- the campaign to put an initiative on the November 2018 ballot reforming Prop 13.

    The measure will restore over $11 billion per year to California's schools, community colleges, health clinics, and other vital local services by closing a loophole that has allowed big businesses to avoid paying their fair share. To learn more about the measure and the League's role, look here.

    Everyone is encouraged to help get signatures to qualify the measure for the ballot. To get petitions and help on gathering signatures, contact Gail Wallace, or (510) 206-3722. Even if you can only get a few signatures, we can use your help!

    LWVO Registered Voters at Oakland's March for Our Lives on March 24

    LWVO Registers Voters at Oakland Tech!

    News from the LWV: Voting Rights Victories!

    It has been a busy first month of 2018, and there have been some great victories in the voting rights sphere!

  • President Trump shut down his discredited `Election Integrity' Commission. The League was involved in legal challenges in Texas, Utah and Indiana that sought to prevent the private data of voters in those states from being shared with the Commission.

  • Anti-Gerrymandering Wins Across Nation!
    The League of North Carolina celebrated an exciting victory when courts struck down the state's congressional districts as partisan gerrymanders and, just two weeks later, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the state's gerrymandered congressional districts and ordered new maps to be drawn by February 9th.
  • Don't Forget to Register to Vote!

    Click on this graphic to register to vote on the state of California's website.

    Be sure to note the deadlines by which registration is required for the upcoming elections!

    LWVO's Work with Capacity-Building Probation Grant

    The Alameda County Probation Department has awarded the League of Women Voters of Oakland a two-year capacity building grant for approximately $68,000. LWVO is using this money to enhance its ability to encourage informed and active participation in government. Read more about this exciting Capacity Building Grant here!

    The dangers of disenfranchisement....
    Here in California citizens with a felony conviction can vote once they have completed parole. Citizens on probation or convicted of a misdemeanor can vote. However, last year more than one of every five African-Americans in Virginia was disenfranchised due to a felony conviction. In that state restoration of voting rights is not automatic. Recently the Governor began restoring voting rights on a case by case basis. In this article and short, inspiring video one reentry citizen expresses the sense of empowerment and purpose that comes with exercising the right to vote. Watch it here!