Making Democracy Work

Make Democracy Work

Who are we? We are the League of Women Voters, an organization of women and men who want to make a difference in the political future of our country. We are a diverse, non-partisan, political group with a long-standing tradition of educating voters.

LWV President Chris Carson's Statement on the President's Discriminatory Comment

We are appalled and disgusted by President Trump's racist statement made during a bipartisan meeting about immigration yesterday. Language and ideals like this have no place in our society, and certainly not in our White House. Read more and take action.

Attention! Volunteers Needed for 2 Upcoming Events!

We need some League Volunteers to help us out in the next few weeks and we are hoping you will answer our call.

The Women's March on Saturday January 20th
We will have a table at the event and will be registering voters. We could use two volunteers to staff the table and up to ten to register voters. We will be meeting at 9 am on the steps of the Oakland Museum on 10th between Fallon and Streets. Sign up online!

Bay Area League Day on Saturday Feb. 3rd at Laney College The event, which will start at 9 am should be an excellent opportunity to learn more about Regional Bay Area Government. We will need a total of 8 volunteers for registration as well as meeting and greeting participants and event take-down. Please email!

Women's March Oakland: January 20th!

LWVO will be marching for women's rights on January 20, 2018! Join us! We will be meeting at 9 am on the steps of the Oakland Museum on 10th between Fallon and Streets. Sign up online!

Join LWVO for Program Planning January 27!

We will be focusing largely on national issues as this is a National League Convention year. The convention will be held in Chicago from June 28th to June 30th. We'll also be looking at LWVO priorities for the coming year.

Help review national programs and priorities and set priorities for the LWVO! See LWV Resources for Program Planning here.

See LWVO's Calendar here for details.

LWVO Observer Corps Corner: Under the Hood of Oakland City Government

On January 31, you'll enjoy an evening presentation on the nuts and bolts of how the City works! Guest speaker Tracy Rosenberg, executive director of Media Alliance will provide an overview of the city structure, from elected officials to city manager to committees and commissions, as well as the legislation flow. Who can introduce legislation and how does a member of public use the "bully pulpit" to get the assistance from a Council member to do so? Also covered will be a review of good governance regulations such as the Brown Act and what tools are available to make public meetings transparent and more productive. This is a must-attend meeting if you want to roll up your sleeves and get more involved in local government! See our calendar for details!

LWVO's Work with Capacity-Building Probation Grant

The Alameda County Probation Department has awarded the League of Women Voters of Oakland a two-year capacity building grant for approximately $68,000. LWVO is using this money to enhance its ability to encourage informed and active participation in government. Read more about this exciting Capacity Building Grant here!

The dangers of disenfranchisement....
Here in California citizens with a felony conviction can vote once they have completed parole. Citizens on probation or convicted of a misdemeanor can vote. However, last year more than one of every five African-Americans in Virginia was disenfranchised due to a felony conviction. In that state restoration of voting rights is not automatic. Recently the Governor began restoring voting rights on a case by case basis. In this article and short, inspiring video one reentry citizen expresses the sense of empowerment and purpose that comes with exercising the right to vote. Watch it here!

2018 LWVO All-City Luncheon!

Our annual All-City Luncheon will be held at the beautiful Scottish Rite Center, on the shores of Lake Merritt, April 25, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. As we move into the mid-term election cycle, we thought you might be interested in hearing deep, insightful analysis of what the people who voted for President Trump were and are thinking and caring about today. Our speaker for the Luncheon will be Arlie Russell Hochschild, author of nine books, including most recently Strangers in Their Own Land. Read more about Arlie Hochschild!

We will also be recognizing local individuals and organizations with our Making Democracy Work Award. We look forward to seeing you there!

Consider Pledging a Luncheon Table!
Your Luncheon Table Pledge will fund crucial election-year work, such as our Neighbor to Neighbor, Oakland Votes Informed campaign, Oakland Easy Voter Guide, and Pros and Cons videos to ensure Oakland voters have complete, concise information on the issues and ballot measures before voting.
Our All-City Luncheon is our primary fundraiser and in 2018 we will have plenty of work on our hands. Join us in ensuring that Oakland Votes Informed by hosting a table at our All-City Luncheon.

Questions? Please contact LWVO Development Committee Chair Lori Lieneke @

LWVOakland President's Blog, by Louise Rothman-Riemer

League 2018 Activities!
Hi Folks, well it is officially 2018! What a year this is going to be. I hope you are ready, because we are counting on you to be a big part of our League 2018 activities.

Read more here!