Making Democracy Work

Make Democracy Work

Who are we? We are the League of Women Voters, an organization of women and men who want to make a difference in the political future of our country. We are a diverse, non-partisan, political group with a long-standing tradition of educating voters.
Your Voice Is Your Vote! Register at the DMV, post offices, or libraries, or online here to vote in the General Election!

LWVO Registers, Informs Voters!

LWVO will be registering voters and sharing voter education materials at many upcoming community events in Oakland. Join us in "Making Democracy Work" by attending or volunteering at an event!

August 20: "Educate the Block: Empowering Families Against Youth Incarceration" hosted by Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice

See our Calendar for more information!

Happy Anniversary, 19th Amendment!

The 19th Amendment, establishing women's right to vote in the Constitution of the United States, was ratified on this day in 1920, when Tennessee became the 36th state to pass it. While we celebrate this anniversary, we recognize that, even after its passage, women of color faced extreme barriers in voting. Check out this timeline from KQED to see how women continued to fight for their rights!

LWVO Marches in Oakland Pride!

Join LWVO in marching in the Oakland Pride Parade! Consistent with LWVO goals, Oakland Pride is dedicated to educating the greater community, promoting equality and civic involvement and responsibility within Oakland and neighboring communities. See our calendar!

Oakland Chamber of Commerce: 2016 Election Series!

The Oakland Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a 2016 Election Series. Click here to learn more and register for the August 26th event on Transportation Ballot Measures!


It's time for Congress to take action to protect voters. Click here to send a message to your representatives in Washington and tell them to end voting discrimination in this country.
Three years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court gutted key provisions of the Voting Rights Act (VRA). Since then, states and localities have used every tool available to make voting harder. Without Congressional action to repair the VRA, 2016 will mark the first presidential election in 50 years without its full protections.

Bring the Affordable Care Act in Compliance with the NVRA!

The NVRA requires that voter registration be made available whenever citizens interact with a wide variety of government programs--including federal-run health insurance exchanges set up under the Affordable Care Act.

Americans applying for health insurance in the more than 30 states that use federal-run exchanges are NOT given an opportunity to register. By some estimates, this failure has already cost 1.7 million lost voter registrations.

Tell President Obama it's time to act! Sign our petition today!

Oakland goes to Washington DC: LWV Convention 2016!

A delegation from LWVO attended the National LWV Convention! Read more!

How Will the New Motor Voter Work?

Last month, the Governor signed the New Motor Voter law (AB 1461) to reduce barriers to civic participation by automating voter registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Voter Registration graphic
New FAQs (English and Spanish) explain the work to implement it and how it is different from the automatic registration law Oregon passed in the spring. Don't forget, you can always register to vote or update your voter registration here.